BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats


T. Badewien, H. Brumsack, O. Dellwig, N. Gemein, M. Grunwald, A. Lübben, R. Reuter

Hydrographic measurements at the wadden sea time series station

In the shallow coastal regions of the southern North Sea tides have a profound influence on the ecosystem structure. The amount and quality of material transported by tidal currents in this area are still largely unknown. As part of the research programme “BioGeoChemistry of tidal flats”, the University of Oldenburg set up a time-series station between the islands of Spiekeroog and Langeoog in summer 2002. The station provides continuous data on physical, biological and chemical parameters all the year round (e.g. temperature, salinity, water level, currents, radiometer, meteorological data). These are available in real time for investigations and web presentations. The measurements allow for quantifying the water and material transport between the tidal flats and the open sea. A bottom mounted instrument close to the station provides the required current measurements. In this paper, we will present volume transport calculations and time series data for different parameters.