BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats


Final Symposium May 19-20, 2009 at the HWK Delmenhorst

Poster presentations


  • T. Badewien, A. Bartholomae , R.Reuter: Measurements of SPM (Suspended Particulate Matter) in the Wadden Sea
  • K. Lettmann, J.-O. Wolff: Impact of wind and waves on suspended particulate matter fluxes in the East Frisian Wadden Sea (southern North Sea)
  • U. Gräwe, K. Lettmann, J.-O. Wolff: Suspended particulate matter dynamics in a single particle framework
  • A. Lübben, S. Koch, T. Badewien, O. Dellwig, R. Reuter: Flux of yellow substance in German tidal coastal waters
  • D. Voß, B. Fiedler, R. Heuermann, A. Körtzingerb, K. Munderloh, O. Zielinskia:Computation of nitrate concentrations in coastal waters using an in-situ ultraviolet spectrophotometer
  • C. Wu, D. de Beer :Transport processes in Janssand
  • M. Beck, W. Moore, M. Grunwald, H.-J. Brumsack: Pore water discharge controls nutrient cycling in tidal flat areas
  • J. Köster, T. Riedel, H. Freund, H.-J. Brumsack, J.Rullkötter: Sediment and pore water geochemistry of a subterranean estuary (Wadden Sea, Northern Germany)
  • H. Gao, F. Schreiber, G. Collins, M. M Jensen, J.E.Kostka, G. Lavik, D. de Beer, M.M. Kuypers: Aerobic denitrification in intertidal permeable Wadden Sea sediments
  • T.J. Shaw, J. Ferry, J. Burns:Elucidation of degradation pathways at oxic interfaces using combinatorial experimental designs
  • A. Johannsen, K.-C. Emeis: Potential denitrification rates in German Wadden Sea sediments
  • J. Holstein, K. Wirtz: Sensitivity analysis of nitrogen and carbon cycling in marine sediments
  • K. Lettmann, B.B. Jørgensen , A. Khalili:  A mathematical model for estimating the reactivity of marine organic matter via measured oxidant consumption rates
  • G. Liebezeit, M.E. Böttcher, P.-L. Gehlken, G.Gerdes, L. Giani,  A. Heinze, J.Mederer, B. Schnetger, M. Segl: Methane-derived authigenic carbonates in modern intertidal surface sediments.
  • A.M. Al-Raei, M.E. Böttcher: Seasonal and spatial dynamics of sulfide production and pore water gradients in intertidal surface sands of the southern North Sea
  • A.M. Al-Raei, M.E. Böttcher, D. de Beer, T. Ferdelman:In-situ microsensor measurements of pore water sulfate gradients at different salinities
  • A.M. Al-Raei, K. Bosselmann, M.E. Böttcher, B. Hespenheide, F. Tauber: Microbial sulfate reduction in temperate intertidal surface sediments:Controls by organic matter contents and temperature
  • A.M. Al-Raei, M.E. Böttcher, M. Segl, V. Volkenborn: Seasonal impact of lugworms (Arenicola marina) on biogeochemical processes and carbon isotope geochemistry of intertidal surface sediments: Results from an in-situ experiment
  • M.E. Böttcher, A.M. Al-Raei, V. Heuer, K.-U. Hinrichs, M. Segl, Y. Hilker, B. Engelen: Methane and organic matter as sources for excess carbon dioxide inintertidal surface sands of the North Sea: Biogeochemical and stable isotope evidence
  • M.E. Böttcher, A. Lang:  Biogeochemistry of Mn-Fe-S-C in a winter intertidal surface mud: Results of incubation experiments
  • F. Ebersbach, A.M. Al-Raei, M. Segl, H.-J. Brumsack, M.E. Böttcher: Oxidation of iron sulfides in intertidal surface sediments: Experimental and field evidence.
  • K. Bischof, M. Mußmann, B. Engelen, H. Cypionka, R. Amann: The microbial diversity in East Frisian tidal flat sediments and its contribution to the cycling of methane and sulfate
  • A. Gittel, S. Reischke, H. Cypionka, M. Könneke: Abundant and active sulfate reducers in the bioreactor Janssand
  • K. Zerjatke, S. Lenk, N. Musat, R. Amann, M. Mußmann: MAR-FISH on Janssand sediments
  • H. Sass, H. Rütters: The influence of temperature on microbial communities in intertidal sediments
  • J. Graue, S. Kleindienst, B. Engelen, H. Cypionka: Combination of microcalorimetry and ribosome-based stable-isotope probing to identify fermentative microorganisms in anoxic tidal-flat sediments
  • D. Ziehe, G. Liebezeit:  Amino acid racemization of intertidal flat sediments in the backbarrier area of Spiekeroog Island