BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats


Poster Session at the ASLO Summer Meeting 2005

Extended abstracts: 

A. M. Al-Raei, M. E. Böttcher, D. de Beer, T. Ferdelman: Application of a liquid-ion-exchange microsensor for in situ measurement of sulfate in freshwater and marine sediments

T. Badewien, H. Brumsack, O. Dellwig, N. Gemein, M. Grunwald, A. Lübben, R. Reuter: Hydrographic measurements at the wadden sea time series station

M. Beck, O. Dellwig, G. Liebezeit, R. Reuter, H. J. Brumsack: Porewater Geochemistry of a tidal flat, NW Germany

M. E. Böttcher, K. Bosselmann, S. Batel, B. Hespenheide, A. Theune: The biogeochemical sulfur cycle in intertidal surface sediments of the German wadden sea

O. Dellwig, M. Grunwald, M. Beck, T. Badewien, A. Lübben, R. Reuter, H. J. Brumsack: Manganese budget of the Spiekeroog backbarrier tidal flat (NW Germany)

B. Engelen, H. Sass, B. Köpke, R. Wilms: Microbial diversity and activities within the subsurface of tidal flat sediments

A. Gittel, Y. C. Hilker, B. Engelen, H. Cypionka, H. Sass: Detecting sulfate-reducing bacteria in coastal subsurface sediments by means of geochemical and molecular approaches

M. Grunwald, O. Dellwig, J. Freund, A. Lübben, R. Reuter, H. J. Brumsack:Tidal variations of dissolved methane in the wadden sea of NW Germany

T. Harder, F. Esser, Z. Sebesvari: Influence of biogeochemical sediment parameters on infaunal colonization of spionids in tidal flats (wadden sea, Germany)

Y. C. Hilker, A. Gittel, H. Cypionka, B. Engelen: Vertical distribution of bacterial communities involved in the methane cycle of tidal flat sediments

S. Jansen, E. Walpersdorf, U. Werner, M. Billerbeck, D. de Beer: Dynamics of oxygen and sulfide in intertidal sediments

J. Köster, H. Sass, E. Freese, J. Rullkötter: Pore water profiles in intertidal sediments from the German wadden sea

S. Kotzur, C. D. Dürselen, W. Ebenhöh, T. Raabe, U. Brockman: Analysing two mesocosm experiments using an ERSEM-based pelagic Ecosystem model (PEM)

A. Lemke, M. Lunau, O. Dellwig, M. Simon: Tidal dynamics affect the growth and substrate uptake of particle-associated and free-living bacterial communities

A. Lübben, T. Badewien, O. Dellwig, S. Koch, S. Koelsch, O. Puncken, R. Reuter: Gelbstoff in the east-frisian wadden sea

M. Lunau, A. Lemke, O. Dellwig, M. Simon:Tidal dynamics affect the linkage between hydrodynamic, geochemical and microbial processes

J. März, U. Feudel, K. W. Wirtz: Understanding aggregate dynamics in turbulent shallow waters using a new modelling approach

J. Rullkötter, M. Simon: Interdisciplinary research on hydrodynamics and biogeochemistry in the Spiekeroog tidal basin of the southern North Sea

E. Stanev, G. Brink-Spalink, J. O. Wolff, B. Flemming, A. Bartholomae: Hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics of east frisian wadden sea. Observations and modeling

K. W. Wirtz, J. Holstein, J. Staneva: Model hindcasts for an aquifer release of anaerobic chemical and microbial species into tidal waters