BioGeoChemistry of Tidal Flats


E. Stanev, G. Brink-Spalink, J. O. Wolff, B. Flemming, A. Bartholomae

Hydrodynamics and sediment dynamics of east frisian wadden sea: Observations and modeling

In this paper we demonstrate that a combination of numerical modeling and data analysis results in a better understanding of the major characteristics of the circulation and sediment dynamics. The data used include time series of tidal gauge data and surface currents measured at pile stations as well ADCP measurements (incl. transects in the tidal inlets). Modeling is based on the General Estuarine Transport Model (GETM), which is forced at its open boundaries with sea level data from an operational model. The analysis of dynamics is focused on the nonlinear control of topography, Stokes transport, horizontal patterns and vertical overturning. The circulation model is coupled with a sediment transport model and validated against observations. Individual controls of internal dynamics (temporal asymmetry, interplay between turbulence and transport) and external forcing (wind waves, tides and sea-level rise) are also addressed. Some perspectives to further integrate satellite and direct observations with modeling via data assimilation are considered.